These curiosities about the most popular card game in the casino will only make you want to play it more

Every good game has a great story behind it and of course poker is no exception. Although you probably already know a little about its origin and how to play it, in poker you will always find something new that surprises you. For proof we leave you some curious facts that will leave you with a square eye.

  1. The longest period in which pokerhas been played continuously in history was four months. Johnny Mossand Nick “The Greek” , both renowned professional poker players , settled into Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada, to play from January to May 1949. Obviously there were breaks every few hours to cover their games. necessities and, every 4 or five days, they left the table to sleep well, but they returned to continue with the game. Do you want to play for so long?
  2. Previously, pokerwas only played with 20 cards and these were distributed among 4 players, that is, they had to build the best possible hand with 5 cards. Maybe it was easier, but it sure wasn’t as fun as now.
  3. The earliest record of a 52-card deck for pokeris from 1834 and this game has caught us ever since.
  4. The probability that you will hit two ASin a pokerhand is 1 in 221, is this more or less than you imagined?
  5. Pokeris the board game that has appeared the most times in movies in some of its forms and almost all of them are very interesting, such as Rounders (1998)  and The Grand (2007) .
  6. The hand consisting of two AS cards and two eight cards is known as “ Dead’s hand” because Butler Hickock (better known as Wild Bill), was killed while playing pokerand fell to the ground without releasing the mentioned cards. previously.
  7. Phil Hellmuthis the professional poker player who has won the WSOP bracelet the most: 14 so far.
  8. Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, was a very good poker player , so much so that during his time in the Navy he raised enough money to finance his first campaign for Congress. At least he didn’t do it with the people’s money.
  9. In Nevada, USA, the World Series Of Poker Principalis the event where more money is raised in gambling than in any other sport, but since the City of Lights is there, perhaps it is not a surprise to many.
  10. Although in the last century the majority of poker players were men, a recent survey found that today approximately one third of pokerplayers are women. Girl power!

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10 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Poker

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